Teamberg is Forming

The Need

A “provisional broker” is the first license status an agent receives in NC.  During this time, a licensee needs to be affiliated with a real estate company (i.e. a firm or brokerage) with a supervising “broker in charge”.  I began my real estate career at Keller Williams to satisfy this requirement and for their wonderful training.  I joined as an independent agent which is a 100% commission based income with no set hours and no boss.  I ‘ve never looked back.  

By my second year, almost all daylight hours were spent running around for showings and other appointments.  I worked countless nights in the office from 6pm past midnight to catch up on paperwork, learn the market, and prepare for the next day’s tasks.  Being a solo agent requires wearing hundreds of different hats.  I studied other agents’ models and decided to hire a part-time assistant.  I needed help with preparing contracts, marketing, and the general organization required to run a business capable of providing excellent customer service, particularly to our active clients.  What I didn’t know was the time needed to train and support this role would be so challenging.  I wasn’t prepared for the additional responsibilities of this while still learning so much.  Instead, I scaled back the business for a moment to build a stronger foundation and avoid burnout.  

Go Greenberg Beginnings

A year later, in February of 2018, at the Keller Williams “Family Reunion” conference in California I started to dream big again.  It became clear that an assistant who I could trust and grow with would be the key.  Thankfully, I knew just the right person.  My now fiance Heather, a then 7th grade math teacher of five years, was vocal about being ready for a change in schools or career. We had been dating for 3 years at the time and she was naturally interested in my work.  We thought it would be neat to control both of our schedules and it would be fun to work on building this business together.  I strongly felt our complimentary skills would be valuable and provided confidence in this decision.  It was awesome to have parent support too!  We agreed our relationship would always come first.  

We joke Heather actually started GoGreenberg LLC as Andrew was being pulled in a million directions and could not find the time to make forming the LLC a priority.  This and tax solutions were Heather’s first major projects with the company.  From there, Heather slowly built a daily task list offering leverage to my daily schedule.  It quickly became clear that to better serve our clients, Heather would enroll in the NC pre-licensing course which she crushed on her first go around.  With this completed, Heather took over serving all of our clients in their contract to close process (time after bringing buyers and sellers together and guiding them to closing).  This process involves over 125 steps and checks to keep things running as smoothly as possible.  This duty is Heather’s fundamental role in the company today.  In our profession, this role is also referred to as a closing coordinator/transaction manager.  She’s now led over 50 past clients through this process brilliantly.  

Mission and Values

In January of 2020, Heather and I worked together in establishing our company’s Mission Statement and Values, which are:

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Values: Integrity, fiduciary, learning based, diligence, and convenience

Realtor Duties

While my day involves a lot in-person meetings and driving – Heather is behind the scenes organizing the company/systems, preparing appointments and contracts.  I can feel a huge difference in day to day operations having the support of Heather.  I’m still involved with under contract clients in devising strategies, negotiations, and inspection/repair discussion. It allows our clients top level customer service and a far more safe and sustainable working routine for me.  

How we feel about working together

A list of things we have found it takes (for us) to work together:

  • Calendar, planning and execution of
  • Patience 
  • Honesty 
  • Ability to spend lots of time together (respect)
  • Systems 
  • Clear Working Expectations
  • Defined Responsibilities 
  • Consistent “self-improvement” 
  • Balance 
  • Communication
  • Humor – funny as Spongebob and as Sirius as Harry Potter
  • Appreciation for each other talents 
  • Following the same sleep schedule 

Difficulties arise when we run into creative differences or miscommunication.  I feel the most essential thing is to make progress everyday.  The craziest tool in our business is this spreadsheet called the POW (plan of the week) that Heather is a prisoner of war to.  She now has her own and maintains it like a champ.  It’s basically a to-do list with a lot of rules behind it.  “I’m a task eating machine” is a frequent daily affirmation to keep us focused and energized.  

Our Future

Heather has now completed 2 of 3 “post licensing” courses and will be eligible to drop her “provision broker” status for just “broker” (same as Andrew) in the next two weeks.  While her job duties are unlikely to change soon, she will be authorized to do some new tasks like showing property, holding open houses, and attending inspections and other property appointments without Andrew.  We are planning for Heather to join the National Association of Realtors and also join KW as a full-time agent later in 2020.  This would officially make us a real estate “team”.  

We are thrilled to celebrate 2 years of working together on GoGreenberg this coming June 14th.  We find it most exciting there’s always something to do!  It makes us really value the time when our calendars break free where you’ll find reading in the backyard hammocks, grilling, air frying, and procrastinating home repair projects.  

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